“Our home is now a million times easier to manage“

Organization with Mariska exceeded my expectations by a long shot! We had a very busy and overwhelming home that I hadn’t been able to get control of. Now our home is peaceful, organized and a million times easier to manage. Thank you Mariska!

— V.F.

“We could not be doing this on our own“

My husband and I hired Mariska from “Dutch Simplicity” to help us declutter, downsize, and organize our home.

One of us likes to hold onto things, the other prefers to declutter and live with less. Sound familiar?

We have found the perfect combination with Mariska who manages to work with both of us extremely well. She is organized, patient, creative, enthusiastic, and comes with a complete “box of tools” to help us move forward. We could not be doing this on our own. We are beginning to feel that taste of freedom!

She is also fully fluent in Dutch and English which is a huge plus. I highly recommend her services.

— H.D.

“I felt ashamed and scared to ask for help“

I have ADHD and have struggled for years to find an effective organizing system. My daily routine was often consumed by looking for a place to put my excessive number of items or searching for things that I had misplaced. This endless cycle left me feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and prevented me from participating in other parts of my life. I feared asking for help because of judgment and shame about my situation. However, after moving to a new apartment and feeling like I was drowning in the number of boxes that needed to be emptied and organized, I took the leap one day and booked a consultation with Mariska. After our first meeting, I knew I was in good hands and I felt confident that she was the right person to help with this enormous task.


Mariska’s non-judgmental attitude and empathy towards the emotional and underlying reasons for disorganization and clutter were clear from the start, which made me feel much better about inviting a stranger to go through my belongings. She has a calming presence, tailors her approach to meet your unique needs, and makes the process fun while still being goal-oriented and focused. She has helped to create a calmer environment in my apartment, but even more so in myself, and has taught me the importance of finding what works best for me. Mariska is skilled at what she does, and thanks to her, I now have a system in place that makes me feel more organized, happy, and free to focus on the things that matter most to me!


Hiring Mariska was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I am confident that you will feel the same! I am no longer weighed down by clutter and disorganization and my day-to-day chores are now manageable as everything has a designated place. I get excited about inviting others over and am proud to show them my newly organized apartment. We often feel ashamed and scared to ask for help, but it is so important to reach out if you are struggling. We cannot tackle everything on our own! If I could gift Mariska’s professional services to everyone in need, I would. After over a year of working together, we only have a few sessions left and I sometimes consider creating more clutter just so I can prolong our time together 😜 but I know that there are many others who can benefit from her expertise. The work we have done together will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on my life. Thank you for everything, Mariska! 

— L.G.

“Mariska never made me feel like I was being silly or unreasonable“

Mariska was **exactly** what I needed. Her “can do” attitude combined with her calm and patient energy gave me the support I needed both mentally and physically. She never made me feel that I was being silly or unreasonable and gently checked in with me multiple times to make sure I was doing ok and looking after myself. It felt like having the perfect supportive friend in my flat, helping me out exactly where and when I needed. And of course being able to chatter away in English was also wonderful. 🙂

My 2 cents… if you are hesitating or unsure, Mariska’s gentle energy will help you through it.

— M.S.


”Mariska is calm, pleasant and easy to work with”

In only a few sessions, we went through so much stuff! A huge bonus for me was that Mariska arranged for all my donations to be picked up after each session.

Mariska is calm, pleasant and easy to work with. Thank you Mariska, I’m so happy with how much more organized my home is now!

— J.N.

“I was amazed at how happy it made me feel“

I decided to hire an organizer to help declutter my small apartment and chose Dutch Simplicity. It was an excellent choice.

Mariska was easy to work with, accommodating to my schedule and completely understood my needs. The results exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Dutch Simplicity.

You need to declutter your space now and Mariska is definitely the person to help you do it. Just do it. You will be amazed at how happy it will make you feel.

— D.H


”Mariska helped me navigate through 30 years of my life in boxes upon boxes”

There are just not enough words to express to Mariska as to exactly how incredibly helpful she has been to me!
I suffer from anxiety related to mild to moderate OCD, and Mariska’s kind, thoughtful & patient nature were a Godsend to me!
She helped me navigate through 30 years of my life that had been left to me in boxes upon boxes after a divorce.

I do not function well in chaos, and all of these boxes were living in my garage and downstairs family room, causing much anxiety to me. I was fortunate over the past 5 years to have had help from a friend and relative, but finally decided that in order to get it done, I needed to hire a professional!
I checked out Mariska’s Facebook page and decided to contact her…we met and had an instant connection!
She takes the time to get to know you, as well as your situation and your needs.
She is a true professional…but more than that…I would now consider her a friend!

— A.H

”I finally admitted to myself how overwhelmed by life and my house I had become”

Having moved to a new city and gone through a recent loss of a close family member and a devastating divorce at 52, I found myself emotionally lost, and traumatized, having been left alone with a large home, my two dogs, unfamiliar surroundings, and a loss of inner-strength. I have always been strong, independent, and organized. And, stubborn.

I finally admitted to myself how overwhelmed by life and my house I had become, so I decided to search for a Personal Organizer. I was blessed to have found Mariska, of Dutch Simplicity. It would have taken me years, and a lot of tears, to get through all of my boxes full of my, my parents, and my ex husband’s personal belongings, and to learn to let go of the negative, and purge my soul.

I’ve since, gotten a great new boyfriend, started a new job, and am not scared of my house anymore. It has finally become a home, and I love it, and my new city. Mariska may not be a professional counselor, but WOW…her calm demeanor, patience, caring, and attention to detail, my belongings and my feelings, have changed my outlook, and my attitude.

She is a master organizer, meticulously clean, and her smiling face would lighten anyone’s day. I’m excellent at judging people. I would never let someone into my house I felt I could not trust, and now she has a new friend in me, as well. I can’t say more about her, other than, she’s awesome!!

— M.M


“With Mariska alongside for accountability, support and gentle but wise suggestions we moved in and organized our home into a simple and functional space with everything in its place“

Dutch Simplicity is the perfect name for Mariska’s company.

We have ADHD and SPD in our family and this guided us to the decision to take the JOY of living simply seriously. Our family moved our entire home into a container at the front of our home and came to a realization that to move back in as a busy young family on our own was not a choice.

We called Mariska and from the first call it was a good fit! Together we decluttered, donated and cleaned. With Mariska alongside for accountability, support and gentle but wise suggestions we moved in and organized our home into a simple and functional space with everything in its place. Mariska has a keen sense of finding out how you like to work and fitting in with your style to deliver you the best service possible.

If you can see what you want your home to look like, you have a vision, you need help to get started and you want accountability to get it done just call Mariska. We took it serious and stuck with the process for 7 months. It’s a way of learning to live simply. To enjoy what is not material. To make space for your family. Whatever your level of commitment to decluttering, Mariska will help you without question. Highly recommended.

— S.M.

“Mariska helped me create an uncluttered and peaceful home”

The people of Den Haag are very fortunate to have Dutch Simplicity to help them get organized to create more energy in their lives.

Mariska is very efficient and a hard worker whose gift it is to help see your ‘stuff’ in a different light, to create an uncluttered and peaceful home. She is fast, gentle and kind to work with, you will be highly satisfied with her work.

— E.F.


"Having my space decluttered feels like therapy to me”

Mariska is amazing! She knows how to connect with you, be sensitive to your needs and budget, and transform your space…and your life!
i.e. If having your space de-cluttered feels like therapy to you too! It sure makes a difference to me! You won’t regret contacting Dutch Simplicity and meeting Mariska. She is soooo good at what she does!

— A.G.

”Mariska is very organized, efficient, trustworthy and kind”

Mariska was amazing to work with. We moved and I wanted to get rid of a lot of stuff we accumulated over the years. Together we decluttered our entire home, it was a very rewarding process.

Mariska also helped me unpack and get setup at our new place. She is very organized, efficient, trustworthy and kind. Highly recommend!

— C.K.


“I can enjoy spending time in my home office again“

I had a great experience with the organizing services of Dutch Simplicity. For a while I had been unhappy with the state of my home-office but now I start my workdays at a clutter free desk! With the professional help of Mariska I organized my office supplies and my administration. Wonderful result!

— F.S

“Mariska helped me stay focused”

I sent Mariska, Founder of Dutch Simplicity an S.O.S after just having moved to a much smaller house and realising that we don’t have enough space for all the stuff we’d been accumulating for the past 20 years. Within less than a week we got started on what I felt would be an insurmountable task. I was wrong! With her lovely calm demeanor, she helped me stay focused and we literally moved mountains with each session. I’m so happy with what we’ve been able to achieve and our home feels like a much calmer and organised space. I can finally breathe! I highly recommend Mariska. I never felt judged at any point and her systems work. Thanks Mariska for making our house feel like a home!

— M.S.

“Mariska is gentle and non-judgemental, perfect for people who may have anxiety about having a stranger in their home”

Mariska, founder of Dutch Simplicity is amazing! I have severe mobility issues and for the past three years I have not been able to un-pack my home, and I am un-able to reach much of the items I would typically use on a day to day basis. I had become overwhelmed and I isolated because I was ashamed of the chaos that surrounded me. I had tried a couple of different organisers but found that they were not in tune with my situation.

This past winter my health declined even more, and it was clear I needed to find real help. I decided to try again to find a professional organiser. I googled, professional organisers, in the Fraser Valley, and ‘Dutch Simplicity’ jumped out at me.

Upon meeting her I felt she was exactly the person I had been looking for. During the whole process her kind, gentle even nature eased much of my anxiety of having a stranger go through every item in my home.

Mariska walked me through every process and explained to me her ideas for organising my home a certain way, and why it would work well for me. Sometimes I didn’t get it until after the results only to find I loved her ideas.

I love the feeling in my home now. It feels like new life has been brought into my space. Mariska showed a high level of insight into what would work best for me, and she did it all in such a calm manner.

I highly recommend Mariska. She is perfect for people who may have anxiety about having a stranger in their home. She is gentle, and non-judgmental. She worked very hard during the entire process, but always in a very calm and steady manner. My home is now where I had pictured it and I love it!! Very positive experience!!

— J.R.

”Mariska makes you feel empowered and encouraged"

I am soooooo grateful for Mariska aka Dutch Simplicity decluttering coaching services!
Sessions with Mariska have been a game changer far beyond what I expected.
I had huge challenges keeping my place in order, to say the least, due to several reasons – more things, less energy… I was overwhelmed. I was never very organized but it became close to unbearable. I decided to ask for help but I was sure that the process would be painful and not sustainable no matter how good the service because I was too cluttered and tired.
It has been the opposite, in fact Mariska’s non judgmental approach, her patience and yet efficient support, this has given me hope about my home but it also ripples to other areas of live. And the process has been fun, enjoyable and very informative.
I was given more space, a tidier home and also solutions, tools, options and methods that are tailored to my needs and challenges. It was very impressive to see how Mariska analyzed the situation to customize suggestions, even the rhythm of sessions. She makes you feel empowered and encouraged… Absolutely precious help.

— A.D.

”My space is now more clear, light and efficient"

Mariska was a wonderful help to organize and declutter my home. Once every week we worked together to make my space more clear, light and efficient. Thank you!

— H.G

”Smart solutions for kitchen organization"

Mariska did a great job organizing our kitchen, with smart solutions and great suggestions. 100% recommend.

— C.F.


”Having consistent scheduled sessions was key to our success”

When Dutch Simplicity came into our home, we were ready to make a change in how we lived.  We are procrastinators by nature and having consistent scheduled sessions was key to our success.  Although we were ready to make a change, it was still difficult to let go. Working with Mariska was so effortless.  She never pressured us or made us feel guilty for wanting to keep certain items. She simply created a space for our ‘Sentimental Items’.

Mariska has the ability to visualize a space.  We loved when she came with her white and orange suitcase filled with organizing gadgets. She would measure our space and return with the perfect items for organizing the space and our things.

We were fortunate enough to have Mariska work with all 3 of our children.  She tailored her time to work with their individual strengths and weaknesses.  She spent time teaching them how to organize in a way that made sense to them. We were able to let go of many ‘treasures’ without tears.

Mariska is a very kind, gentle and thoughtful person.  We thoroughly enjoyed having here work in our home. If you are looking for a company to come in and help with a project whether big or small, Dutch Simplicity is the one you are looking for.

— S.T.


”I am not embarrassed to have company come over anymore”

Mariska is amazing! we have a big family and a very cluttered home. I am a huge crafter and self proclaimed pack rat.

After spending a couple years trying to slowly chip away at the clutter and mess and feeling overwhelmed and lost, I found Dutch Simplicity. After each session the house was noticeably more manageable.
I am not embarrassed to have company come over anymore, I can do a quick tidy up without stressing about the number of items that don’t have a “home”.

I struggle with being emotionally attached to too many items and Mariska was so gentle and encouraging that I can’t count the number of large bags of donations we have taken out. She is the perfect blend of tough love and gentle understanding. In just one session with her I usually get through an area that would take me several days on my own and have been able to keep most of the changes she helped make with minimal upkeep.
100% recommended her to anyone who needs to declutter or reorganize an area.
The rooms look beautiful when she is done.

— C.N.

“I highly recommend Dutch Simplicity”

Mariska was recommended to me by a friend of mine for her extraordinary organizing services and abilities. She organized and decluttered closets in my very jumbled craft room.

I found Mariska has great ideas for sorting and decluttering. Because she is not personally attached to any of my items it is easy for her to suggest ways to group like items and make suggestions for removal of unused items. She also provides ways of storing items in drawers and closets that I had not thought of before.

It is a pleasure now to go into those closets and work in my craft room!

— J.Z


"My tidy and user friendly home helps me save time”

Mariska does fantastic work. Her work and ideas will help you utilize your space way better and in turn make your home more tidy and all areas more user friendly which helps you save time and is worth every penny.

I would recommend her to anyone looking to organize and make any space more functional.

— J.B.

”Refresh your live and give lightness to your home with the help of Dutch Simplicity”

Mariska was born to do this job! She does not only organize your home, help you get rid of unnecessary stuff, but she is also a kind of therapist that you trust from the first sight.

I very much recommend Dutch Simplicity to all those people who would like to refresh their lives or give lightness to their homes and spirits.

— A.K.


”Definitely a good investment”

Mariska is a very nice person and has great ideas about how to clear clutter. It is definitely a good investment with a good professional!

— S.B.


"By the end of the second visit we had accomplished our first goal of eliminating one of two very full storage units”

I am delighted to give Mariska of Dutch simplicity my reference. Mariska is extremely proficient at her services with home organization. While she is extremely professional, she is also very friendly and approachable with a calm demeanor.

On her first visit, she was very skilled at assessing the situation in my home and coming up with a short term and long term plan. By the end of the second visit we had accomplished our first goal of eliminating one of two very full storage units being rented throughout a lengthy renovation. This included arranging for all charitable items to be picked up.

I have no hesitation in giving Mariska my highest recommendation for her top-notch home organization services.


“In simplicity you will find peace”.
— Lauren Jawno